Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first thing you should do we being sued or need to file suit?

Talk to an expert.  Mazin Sbaiti is a Dallas-based business trial lawyer, admitted in Texas, California and New York (where 90% of lawsuits against Texas businesses get filed).

I or my Business Was Defamed Online (Slander or Libel on the Internet), What Are My Options?

Generally, online defamation can be terrible for a business or business person, and has been estimated to do several hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to American businesses every year. It is especially bad for individuals, medium-sized and small businesses who may not have a dominant presence on the Internet that can counteract the bad press. Unlike a newspaper or magazine that publishes something once and then its gone (save for in reader's memories), online content can stay up there forever until the website is forced to take it down. Your company's name or product name could be wiped of any brand-value in a matter of weeks because the defamatory content shows up on Google or Bing every time it is searched for. That is but one aspect of defamation or disparagement law that differs on the internet from what it would be off the internet. Because of the sensitivity of the issue and the short statute of limitations, you should call an internet defamation expert immediately. Our lawyers have handled several of these cases against the largest websites:,, and against personalized attack sites, among others. (see ABC News coverage here). Filing a lawsuit can be an effective--and often less expensive way--of combatting defamation over SEO alternatives because there are legal options that are more permanent once they are in place.

How do I Find a Dallas Copyright Lawyer?

Finding a lawyer in a particular specialty or with particular expertise is difficult. There are online resources that one can look through, but sorting through them can be cumbersome and difficult. Generally speaking, however, intellectual property law firms are generally safe bets for finding a copyright attorney. The good news is that you don't even have to go anywhere else: our firm represents clients in procuring copyright protection with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the USPTO), in prosecuting those who violate and steal our clients' copyrighted materials, and in defending our clients when they have been wrongly accused of copyright violation If you are potentially involved in a lawsuit, please visit our copyright law page HERE to learn more about copyright litigation.

How Do I Find a Texas Contingency Fee Intellectual Property Lawyer?

This is a playful video we made on Sort of self serving, but hey, it was fun to make.

How Do I Stop Someone From Using My Confidential Trade Secrets?

Trade secret violations are becoming more prominent and protecting against them is crucial. As we reported elsewhere (link) the main way to stop trade secret violations is through an injunction--a court order. However, injunctions have to be very strategically and carefully planned, otherwise you can get overrun with technicalities and unneeded expenses.

What is the difference between a trademark and a service mark?

Many business people are familiar with certain concepts regarding intellectual property matters, but they are fuzzy on the details. The difference between a trademark and a service mark is one issue that many people may not fully understand. A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination of those elements that identifies and distinguishes the goods of one company from the goods of other companies. Trademarks prevent customer confusion and build a company’s good will. By relying on a trademark, a customer can quickly and confidently identify the product he wishes to buy. The customer knows that the item should reflect certain qualities that the customer associates with the company owning the trademark. A service mark is similar to a trademark, but it concerns services rather than goods. A service mark is a word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination of those elements that identifies and distinguishes the source of a service. For example, a printing company, an educational facility, or a nail salon might own a service mark. Although the two protect different things, many people use the term “trademark” to encompass both trademark and service mark protection. This leads to confusion between the two.

How Much Do You Charge for Representation?

I typically charge $475 and up $575 per hour when I work on an hourly basis on a litigation matter. That is actually only slightly above average for someone with my experience and training in the Dallas market, and is well below what the guys I litigate against (and often beat) charge their clients. I usually like to work on contingency fee, flat fees or other structured fees depending on the case. This can actually save you money during the pendency of the case because I take on some of the risk of losing in exchange for a larger fee if I do succeed in achieving your goals.